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The 2019 Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum will take place on March 7-8, in parallel with the last two days of the Open-Ended Meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (4-8 March 2019). The Forum is self-organised by Major Groups and Stakeholders, through the Major Groups Facilitation Committee, with the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) being in the lead.

The Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum will benefit from the outcomes of the preceding Regional Consultative Meetings, which were held in many cases in conjunction with other Regional Ministerial Fora or back to back to relevant regional multi-stakeholder meetings. The outcomes and results of those meetings are direct inputs by Major Groups and Stakeholders into the Assembly’s preparatory processes as well as actual proceedings.

The Forum will prepare participants for the Assembly and associated meetings, identify important themes and decisions under consideration by the Assembly, and will provide a platform for an exchange of views and expertise on these themes between governments and Major Groups and Stakeholders, as well as UN Environment.

Traditionally, the Forum will also feature an open dialogue between UN Environment’s Senior Management and Major Groups and Stakeholders ahead of the Assembly.

The Forum will focus on the main theme of the Assembly “Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Production and Consumption” and will link it to the “Towards a Pollution Free Planet” theme of the previous Assembly allowing Major Groups and Stakeholders to contribute with their unique expertise to the inter-governmental decision-making process. It will also provide enough time for a training and capacity building session for newly incoming participants. Panel Discussions, if any, will be organized in an inter-active way and allow for presenting views, stories, successes, visual aids/ films and failures, including from the grass root level and beyond the nine Major Groups. The panels may also include representatives from governments, private sector, UN Agencies etc. The Forum plays the role of linking the Assembly and the people/society. The final agenda of the Forum is currently being finalized and will be available latest by early January 2019.

Throughout the Assembly week, a Green tent is set up as the civil society space where briefings, workshops, presentations and bi-laterals will take place coordinated by the Major Groups Facilitating Committee.

Major Groups and Stakeholders will also have the opportunity to engage on the weekend prior to the Assembly with the Science-Policy-Business Forum and other events that take place on March 9 – 10, 2019.

In addition, the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue’s will take place in the afternoon of 14 March 2019. The theme is still under consideration in consultation with Major Groups and Stakeholders.

For more information and regular updates please visit: https://www.unenvironment.org/civil-society-engagement or the UN Environment Assembly webpage: http://web.unep.org/environmentassembly/

Meanwhile we would like to encourage you to already register for the UN Environment Assembly and its associated meetings here: https://reg.unog.ch/event/26962/.

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