Initial stakeholder meeting held with Ministry of Transport and Communications and agreement on NMT policy development to take place in May 2018.



Transport has been recognized by Zambia’s national government as key to reducing poverty, facilitating trade both nationally and internationally and as an avenue to increase access to social services such as health and education.

The Transport Policy of 2002 sought reforms in the road sector and was the result of consultations with several international and national stakeholders. The Policy led to the enactment of laws governing road traffic, public roads, and national road funding. However, NMT has often been overlooked.

Share the Road Support

Engagement has started with the Ministry of Transport and the Share the Road programme. An initial meeting was held with the Director of Transport for the Ministry of Transport and Communications in November 2017 and full technical assistance has started with the aim of NMT policy launch before the end of the year.

Safe & Healthy Journey to School Round Table

UN Environment Share the Road Programme attended and presented on the links between NMT, clean air and children at the FIA Foundation initiaitive in Lusaka which took place in November 2017. The event brought together representatives of governments and other stakeholders to discuss key issues, solutions, and steps to ensure safe and healthy journeys to school for children in Zambia.

This event is part of the wider FIA Foundation led Child Health & Mobility Initiative. A collaborative partnership between FIA Foundation, UN Environment, UNICEF, World Resources Institute, Save the Children, and the Overseas Development Institute (and other partners) with a focus on global and national advocacy, research, and programme implementation. The overall goal of the initiative is to have safe and healthy routes to school for all children by 2030.