03 Aug 2017 Story Disasters & conflicts

Sudan ratifies Paris Climate Agreement

Khartoum – UN Environment congratulates the Government of Sudan on their ratification of the Paris Agreement on climate change. 

“As a country highly vulnerable to a changing climate, the ratification of the Paris Agreement demonstrates the commitment of the Government of Sudan to a more sustainable development path, one that protects Sudan's rich natural resources and enables local communities to adapt to the worst impacts of climate change” said Atila Uras, Head of UN Environment in Sudan.

The ratification of the Paris Agreement is an important milestone for Sudan and a clear commitment for the Government of Sudan to contribute to global efforts to tackle climate change.

“This is the culmination of years of hard work. Since 2011 UN Environment has supported the Government of Sudan in playing an active role in the climate change negotiations” said Dr. Mey Eltayeb Ahmed, UN Environment Lead Technical Adviser on Climate Change in Sudan.  

This ratification is particularly poignant as Sudan is expected to be hit hard by climate change impacts. The country’s natural environment is already rapidly changing and degrading.

Water is scarce, land available for pasture is decreasing, and people are coming in to conflict over resources. Temperatures are expected to rise by several degrees over the next few decades, with substantial negative impacts on crop yields and food security.

“UN Environment is working hard to reduce the impacts of climate change and increase the resilience of Sudanese people. Through its UK-funded ‘Adapt for environment and climate resilience’ (ADAPT!) project, UN Environment is supporting the Government and people of Sudan to better prepare for the effects of climate change” said Atila Uras, Head of UN Environment in Sudan.

This recent ratification brings the total number of countries that have ratified the Paris Agreement to 158, which correspond to almost 70% of global emissions. For Sudan it also means better access to funding to help shape and implement new policies to work towards climate-friendly sustainable development.

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