Latin America and the Caribbean

UN Environment’s Latin America and the Caribbean Office is working to build more resilient livelihoods through healthy ecosystems.

The Challenge
Latin American and the Caribbean are home to an astonishing amount of biodiversity and natural wealth, resources that constitute the foundations of many of the region's economies.

The region is facing some significant challenges: More than 80 per cent of the population lives in cities where air pollution cause health problems and productivity losses. And while the region is responsible for only about 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, it is highly vulnerable to the effect of climate change, which incurred costs of around $100 billion in 2015. The Forum of Ministers of Environment address these relevant issuesRead more

What you can do

For all the progress inspired by the Global Goals one barrier impedes them all: the choice we make in our everyday lives continues to fuel consumption and production habits that are increasingly extending beyond the limits of our planet. Our #…


Keeping our freshwater fresh - let's quench our thirsty planet - #KEEPITCLEAR Learn more
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UN Environment’s Latin America and the Caribbean Office is located in Panama City, Panama. We also have offices in Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico and Uruguay. For a full list of contact details, please click here.

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