GEO-6 for Youth

The GEO for Youth product is produced by, and adapted for, a youth audience (15-24). It is meant to stimulate dialogue within the youth community on environmental themes and issues, as well as to educate and provide capacity-building tools to foster active youth commitment for achieving sustainable development.

Firstly, the GEO for Youth aims to inform younger generations about the drivers of the environmental change, the current state of the environment and explore future pathways to achieve a healthy planet for future generations. Secondly, GEO for Youth aims to connect younger generations across the world to raise their voice and deeply empower them to participate in the decision-making processes in their regions. Past regional editions of GEO for Youth have facilitated cooperation between youth and other key stakeholders in working towards a sustainable future (e.g. GEO for Youth for Latin America and the Caribbean). In other words, GEO for Youth is intended to help youth make a difference.

With this in mind, and following the success of previous editions, UN Environment is shaping a new edition of GEO for Youth. The global GEO for Youth will build on the findings of the global and regional GEO assessments. When the sixth edition of the Global Environment Outlook will be released in March 2019, derivative products including GEO for Youth, GEO for Business and GEO for Cities would be released in three-month intervals throughout 2019.