Guidance on chemicals control contributing to national progress and safety

To assist governments towards establishing or improving their chemicals control, the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) has developed a publica­tion series on chemicals control.

These new documents complement the 2015 UN Environ­ment Guidance on the Development of Legal and Institu­tional Infrastructures and Measures for Recovering Costs of National Administration (LIRA Guidance). The publica­tions aim to support decision makers in their efforts to establish legal frameworks for chemicals control and the work of government officials involved in building govern­ment capacity for chemicals control.

The UN Environment series of documents is composed of:

 An information document on the Benefits of Chemicals Control which:

  • Presents the case for chemicals control legislation
  • Introduces the multiple benefits achieved through chemicals control

And three Guidance on Chemicals Control to assist governments to establish a functioning chemicals control system from different perspectives:

National Authority for Chemicals Control: Structure and Funding

  • Basic authority functions during implementation of chemicals control
  • Staff expertise needed for implementation of chemicals legislation
  • Budget for the administrative framework for chemicals control
  • Funding for the necessary institutional capacity

Risk Reduction Tools for Chemicals Control 

  • Suggestions on what chemicals to prioritize for cost-efficient risk reduction
  • Guidance on the main risk reduction tools
  • Assistance in choosing appropriate risk reduction tools

Enforcement of Chemicals Control Legislation

  • How to efficiently enforce legislation
  • Core concepts of enforcement
  • Methods for inspections